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A very hearty thanks to all contributors.  When the star hole section was started the goal was to put up all known evidence about star holes as possible.  This is not a difficult job as there was not much out there.

Your contributions are brand new evidence not seen before and have morphed this section into something unexpected and really cool - a growing reservoir of knowledge and hard evidence about the star holes. You have done in a few months what science has been unwilling to do in almost 200 years.  Your evidence added to existing evidence disclosed many new facts and characteristics about the star holes.

Before just a few photos without data were scattered about on the internet and some stories  stating how the star holes were created by drilling malfunctions or some little known drilling technique.

The photos and videos here show that it is a physical impossibility for a rotary or an impact drill to accidentally or intentionally create a star hole like any in the photos contained here.

The claim of the star holes being modern creations is absurd and the only acceptable proof of such a claim would be the well documented construction of a star hole in hard rock.  Anything short is nothing but hearsay that is not admissible evidence.

The star holes are relics of a past age and are exactly what the makers wanted to create. A technology was required to create them and our technology cannot duplicate them.


The Star holes also known as Cloverleaf Holes are holes found in many different types of rock and come with equally spaced lobes protruding from the hole wall. The lobes commonly rotate and the hole curves.

Star Holes can be found in ancient stone structures found around the world such as stone lines, cairns, cliff faces, erratic stones and more.

Star holes have been documented in Crimea, England, Scotland, Norway, Bimini Islands, Mexico, California, Utah, Washington, Massachusetts and Arizona.

Star hole characteristics:
  • Star Holes are found in a variety of rock types like limestone, granite, basalt, sandstone and more.
  • Star Holes have been found in various shapes from triangles, squares, oval and round with sharp pointed lobes or rounded lobes.
  • Some holes go completely through the stone while others end within the stone.
  • Diameters documented are 2.0” (51 mm) to 10” (254 mm)
  • Hole length runs from a couple of inches to over 4’ (1.22m), verified, 18’ (5.5m), claimed.
  • Hole bottoms can be flat.
  • Lobe number, shape, size and height can vary from hole to hole.
  • Lobes uniformly rotate.
  • Star Hole often curve smoothly. All star holes may curve but not enough data yet to tell.
  • Star holes are usually uniform in shape.
  • Hole walls have textured surfaces.
  • Some hole walls have artificial mineral coatings.
  • Some hole walls are vitrified.
  • Holes show no signs of modern tool marks.



Thanks to Feodosian museum of Antiquities from Feodosia (Crimea) photos of these star holes.


Thanks to Rene R. Macbeth for this wonderful star hole from Mexico. It is the largest star hole documented so far and goes completely through the rock. The hole entry is 10 inches (25 cm) wide, 7 inches (18 cm) wide at the exit and is 1.2 meters (4 feet) long.  The first 7 photos are of the star hole in question. The remaining photos are of two other near by star holes.

Hole Characteristics:


Arizona Star hole Kaleena Morales_02 Wade Steel star hole wade_steel star hole wade_steel star hole
Thanks to Kaleena Morales for this FIVE lobe star hole from Arizona, original location unknown.. Thanks to Wade Steel For this large EIGHT lobed star hole in the Hualapai Mountain Park Campgrounds near Kingman, Arizona.


  • 1. Peacemaker has over 20 star holes.
  • 2. The shapes of the star holes varies from almost no lobes to very pronounced lobes.
  • 3. Part of Peacemaker Rock was quarried around 1960 and some blast holes and even drill bits are still there.
  • 4. Has an undisturbed cairn with star holes that could not have been drilled with the stones in place.
  • 5. This cairn has a conservative estimate of a minimum age of thousands of years.
Click here for Peacemaker Rock Photos
MA Star hole MA star hole Hammerron Star hole crop Jim Gage Photo Jim Gage star hole
Thanks to Raymond Berthiaume for this FIVE lobed star hole at the "Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield, Mass.  It is on the side of the dirt road entrance westbound off Rte 9". Thanks to Hammerron for this nice FIVE lobed star hole at Star Ridge Trail Douglas MA; (source)
Flint Quarry, Monson MA; (source)
These two star holes are from James Gage's website article.  The first is a five point star hole. The second is a six lobe star hole.  Both have a diameter of about 2.5 inches.
Tillamook Pentagon Hole Tillamook Pentagon Hole Tillamook Pentagon Hole Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole
Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole
Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole Tillamook Oregon pentagon hole Tillamook pentagon hole. Tillamook Hole
Thanks to Richard Teerman for this pentagon star hole in a jetty near Tillamook, Oregon. The pentagon shape is only at the beginning and the rest of the hole is round.
ZION NATIONAL PARK: These photos are of unknown origin or location. They were posted on The Project Avalon Forum
ZION NATL PARK  - Rachel Carter ZION NATL PARK  - Rachel Carter STAR HOLE Sphinz Girl 5 lobed star hole
Thanks to Rachel This five lobed star hole is in ZION NATIONAL PARK. (source) eleven lobe star hole.  This photo has been on the internet for a long time. five lobed star hole
Thanks to James Rowe who found this five lobed star hole in a Mima Mound field in Eastern Washington.
James Rowe Star hole James_Rowe_star_hole James Rowe star hole James Rowe star hole
This five lobed star hole is similar to Peacemaker star hole #2 (PM2) in that it has a gold mineral coating on the interior of the hole.  There is also a red mineral coating on the surface of the rock.
United kingdom:
Tillyfourie Granite with Star Rock Drill Hole Tillyfourie Granite with Star Rock Drill Hole Tillyfourie Granite with Star Rock Drill Hole Dartmoor star holes Dartmoor star holes
Thanks to Aberdeen Granite for this five lobed star hole that has two wires sticking out of it. There are 3 holes in this rock, the bottom most hole one appears to be a five lobed star hole. The hole on the upper left appears to be a minimum lobe star hole like the ones shown in the Peacemaker page. Can't make out much of the third one.


Volda Star Volda Star Volda Star Volda Star Volda Star
Volda Star
This Volda seven point star hole created quite a stir in Norway in 2007. (source)
SKYOYE: (source) Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole
Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole Volda Star Hole



This clip is from an old tv special "New Evidence of Atlantis in the Bahamas On this show the late, great Richard Wingate shows evidence he found in the Bahamas.

The photo is from his book "Atlantis in the Amazon".  In the video Mr. Wingate claimed to have seen a 18 FOOT LONG  stone with a curving, lobe rotating star hole through its length.

star hole clip Richard Wingate photo