The 7 edged star mystery in Volda, Western Norway

On Friday the 30th of november 2007, a concstruction worker discovered a 7 edged drilling hole on the base of a mountain during construction work on a new parking lot. So far, it appears that no one has seen a hole similar to the 7 edged star, or have been able to explain how it was made.

Various newspapers, both local and national, have been trying to find the solution, but none have succeeded.

Geologists, scientists and drilling engineers across the country have been contacted, but so far no one has come up with an answer to how this hole was made.

The hole was found by a constructionworker working on removing bits from the mountain in order to make room for a buildingproject. After digging a couple of metres into the mountain, chopping out large pieces of rock, he noticed a strange starshaped hole in two of the boulders.

The hole went further on down into through the ground, with a 20-30 degrees downward angle. Unfortunately the hole was covered with mud, and has not yet been recovered. But according to those who saw it, it too was in the shape of a 7 edged star.

Approximately 4 metres of the hole was dug out from the mountain. On top of the mountain was a layer of clay and dirt, which according to neighbours have never been touched.

The last time there was any construction activity in the area was back in the 50s, when part of the mountain was blown off to create parkingspaces. Either way, the hole was found several metres inside the edge of the area where earlier construction took place.

The inside of the hole is completely smooth, and it has a perfect 7 edged symmetric shape all the way through. The hole runs straight through the sedimentlayers, not parallel.

Many different theories have been presented on the origin of the hole. Some have suggested divine intervention, UFO`s, weathering mineral ores, hammerdrills and unbalanced drilling heads. But so far no one has been able to show reference to similar holes.

If you have any information on how a hole such as this may have been made, or if you have seen any similar rock holes, please make contact with reporter Kjell Arne Steinsvik/Møre Nytt ( / phone: (+47)900 74 785)

Pictures of the hole:

The hole in the rock:

Two of the boulders broken loose from the mountain:

The area where the hole was found. The red arrow indicates the place where the hole descended further into the ground.

All the newspapers have been looking for a solution: